Pepsom - The New Generation of Epsom Salt®

Pepsom Salt® and Pepsom Sports® are new and innovative blends of Epsom salt developed for sports enthusiasts, baby boomers and consumers of all ages.

Pepsom Salt® - a sparkling blend of mineral (Epsom salt) and 100% natural peppermint. Enjoy as a relaxing spa bath, or to ease discomfort from soreness or stiffness. Endorsed by a leading physician. Endorsed by a leading physician.

Pepsom Sports® - combines the trusted benefits of Epsom salt together with 100% natural spearmint and wintergreen - ingredients recommended by Ron Culp, unsurpassed 3-time recipient of the "NBA Trainer of the Year" award and former head trainer of a World Champion professional basketball team.endorsed by the NBATA® National Basketball Athletic Trainers Association®. Professional sports athletes, weekend warriors, aging baby boomers and little leaguers will experience the great benefits of Pepsom, The Original Sport Soak®.

Pepsom Sports®

Eases sports-related discomfort

Tackles soreness

epsom Sport Soak
Cool for kids

Sport Soak™
Rejuvenates and energizes

The Original Sport Soak
Soothes the bruise

Soothes marathon misery

Pepsom Salt®

The Epsom with Pep
Soothe away stress...

Epsom with Pep
Float away Wall Street blues

Helps to ease stiffness

Salute your new spirit!

Relaxes after work

Epson salt
Footbath freshness

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